Our Story

Our Purpose

Firefly Pediatric Center was created by professionals who share the same passion and goal: empowering your child! Our seasoned professionals have come together to create a place that is different– we know what works. Our therapy team has a unique and extensive level of knowledge with up to 20 years of experience and advanced training beyond our professional degrees. We have created a collaborative environment and culture of learning to inspire our therapists to provide the best pediatric therapy in our area. Firefly Pediatric Center may be new, but its foundation is proven, trusted and grounded in pediatric care.

Our Mission

Firefly Pediatric Center is dedicated to compassionately delivering evidenced-based therapy to enrich children’s lives through innovation, education and collaboration. Building strong community relations, we strive to work together: therapists, children and families for the betterment of all.

Our Vision

Our vision is to empower every child in their journey to reach their full potential and allow their light to shine and inspire others.